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Cambian is a specialist provider of behavioural health services across England and Wales. They support over 2,400 children and adults in 250 services and employ more than 6,000 people.

“Extensive work on rationalising buying lists has brought solid long term savings..”

Optimised local and national supply
e-foods provides local supply to Cambian sites across all food products - fresh produce, meat, fish, poultry, dairy, dried and frozen goods through its national network of accredited suppliers. Extensive work on rationalising buying lists has brought solid long term savings and a national pricing structure has further improved cost management.

Offline ordering, yet full management oversight
Cambian utilises e-foods' e-fresh online system. The system dramatically simplifies supplier administration with an end-to-end ordering, invoicing and payment solution. Cambian sites phone through their orders to suppliers and suppliers use the e-fresh system to process the orders that in-turn allows Cambian management to track and control spend in real time.

“We had around 120 suppliers and were looking to centralise our food purchasing and bring better oversight and control. e-foods' ability to provide a centrally managed, accreditited supply chain has given us the visibility and ease of administration that we need to achieve our best value goal.

We still have great local suppliers at every location, but now e-foods takes care of managing our supply chain, we can get on with running our business. With estimates of around £35 as the cost to process an invoice, the single payment for all suppliers has brought dramatic savings too”

Chris Shadrach
Procurement Co-ordinator at Cambian