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Centralising Menu Management

  • Live menu costing

    e-foods systems’ pricing is live, allowing you to cost every dish and check each margin against actual costs.

    Pricing changes are automatically reflected in the costing of each dish allowing instant review of menus.

    Promoting selected dishes with strong margins is easy with live oversight of your best performing lines and dishes.

    “Because of locked down approved buying lists we're now confident that Homes are using products that meet specification for price, quality and traceability, essential to meet our commitment to the Food for Life standard.”

    Tracy Sutherland
    Head of Hospitality, HC-One Care Homes.
  • Menu and recipe library

    Build individual dishes with detailed preparation steps, build entire menus and manage them centrally.

    Provide controlled access at site level selectively or library wide.

  • Full nutritional data

    Specialist diets and dishes become easy to manage and match to individual’s nutritional needs.

    Live nutritional information is integrated into every ingredient for visibility of nutrition value individually or as a complete dish.

    Any adjustments to recipes or ingredient substitutions update in real time for instant comparison and testing.

  • Allergens Information & Support

    All products are supported with full allergen information ensuring you comply with the new allergen laws.

    e-foods doesn’t limit its involvement to providing information – a dedicated allergen specialist is part of the e-foods team and is available for advice and guidance on how to effectively manage allergen risk.

    Why does it matter?

    Food nutrition and allergen information is intrinsically linked to safety and the increasing demand from consumers for food that is of known provenance.

    e-foods is your expert partner to help you meet your legal obligations and wider food objectives.

  • Development Chef

    e-foods development chef, Nigel Smith, provides an invaluable resource for clients.

    Nigels’ impressive career has encompassed working with some of foods’ biggest names – Paul Heathcote and Albert Roux to name just two. Nigel developed one of the first Gastro Pubs of its time and reached 6 out of 10 in the Good Food Guide.

    Nigel has since garnered extensive experience working with schools, hospitals, care homes and contract caterers and is able to provide practical advice on planning to achieve budget conscious, best value menu plans that engage diners and increase menu uptake.

    Nigel Smith - Development Chef
  • Nutrionist

    e-foods uses registered nutritionists, dieticians and BDA approved (British Diabetic Association) specialists to provide full support with menu planning.

    e-foods has worked closely with the Food for Life programme and Soil Association in developing compliant nutritionally balanced menu cycles for the education and care sector.

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