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We are experts

We are experts

We have the industry's leading online purchasing systems and P2P solutions

No more juggling of orders & paperwork from multiple suppliers

e-foods was founded in Manchester by Managing Director Paul Mizen in 2004. 
Paul knew that, in common with many industries, e-commerce was changing the landscape of the hospitality and catering sectors.

Since its inception e-foods has focussed on simplifying the administration and control of food supply with systems that are quick and easy to use.

We are experts

What does simple mean?

By putting all your suppliers in one place and giving you access through an online portal things instantly get simpler.

No more juggling of orders and paperwork from multiple suppliers, just one order for all you need and one consolidated invoice.

Simpler still is the single payment to e-foods that covers all your suppliers. Our systems take care of making sure orders are split and each element sent to the right supplier and the same applies to payment. One order, one invoice, one payment.

How easy?

With just a few minutes training all your locations can start ordering. Each location can access an Approved Buying List of products that you control to ensure only the products you want can be ordered. Budget limits can be set too, ensuring overspend is under control.

The systems are accessible on a desktop pc, tablet or mobile 24/7/365 ensuring orders can be placed at your convenience and head office can monitor activity and spend from anywhere at anytime to give oversight and control of purchasing.

We are experts

“One order, one invoice, one payment!”

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