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Russell Hume Statement

Russell Hume Statement

e-foods' response to the FSA investigation regarding Russell Hume

We have all seen or heard, through various media sources, the issues relating to Russell Hume and the serious breach of food hygiene regulations being investigated by the Food Standards Agency.

The inspection of Russell Hume’s Birmingham site, which took place on January 12, brought to light “instances of serious non-compliance with food hygiene regulations“, according to the UK authority (taken from the FSA web site).

Although Russell Hume holds the highest levels of industry accreditation, this event illustrates that it doesn’t, on its own, guarantee compliance.

e-foods' customers receive clarity at all times on any potential or actual threats to food safety.

Russell Hume Statement

e-foods & Russell Hume

e-foods business model of supporting and promoting local supply nationally, means that the issues being felt by many catering operators across the UK, has had limited or no impact on our customers.

Russell Hume was a very small part of our supply chain and we were able to move swiftly in the transfer of business across our National supply chain partners.

e-foods will no longer be using Russell Hume as a supply partner  

e-foods' response

On notification of the risk, e-foods identified and contacted all Clients supplied by Russell Hume and advised on the product recall and quarantine of any potentially affected products.

In conjunction with these actions, e-foods put in place alternative local suppliers to ensure continuity of delivery, whilst maintaining clear communications at Client site level.

“e-foods acted swiftly, with clarity and clear communication to implement its recovery plan and move supply to alternative suppliers local to affected Client sites”

If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Rob Henry our Quality Assurance & Technical Manager

e-foods will ensure all our clients are kept up to date on any further findings by the FSA.

Paul Mizen CEO