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One Thing... Local supply made easy!

One Thing... Local supply made easy!

We’d love to use local suppliers but...

There are many brilliant aspects to our purchase-to-pay solutions that work beautifully alongside e-foods procurement support and supply chain management expertise, but, we thought we’d start with just one thing...

"We’d love to use local suppliers but administering them for all our sites is just too expensive..."

One Thing... Local supply made easy!

“Processing thousands of invoices, chasing credit notes, juggling pricing, different pricing for each location and keeping on top of payments is an admin battle we just can’t win...”

There is a better way! e-foods’ systemisation of your supply chain handles its management in one simple consolidated solution.

Whether you order by phone or online, our purchasing solution lifts away the admin burden.

  • We’ll simplify the ordering process and, if you order online, we’ll replace multiple orders with one order that covers all
  • your suppliers.
  • We’ll Cut away a forest of supplier invoices and replace them with just one invoice from e-foods.
  • We’ll provide the same best pricing at every site so carrots in Cornwall cost the same as carrots in Caernarfon.
  • We’ll make payment terms the same too and convert all those individual supplier payments into one payment to e-foods.
  • And just for good measure we’ll ensure all suppliers are accredited so that your due diligence is taken care of too!