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Farm assured supply

Farm assured supply

Managing supplier accreditations is a challenge...

Not any more! e-foods  manages and monitors supplier accreditations to ensure all suppliers are up to date, compliant, safe and legal -  protecting your business.

With staff trained to "Effective Auditing and Inspection Skills”, e-foods is able to conduct spot checks to provide further peace of mind that your supply chain has integrity.

We don’t stop there - e-foods also has a Food for Life-ready supply chain to help you achieve one of the Soil Associations catering marks.

Farm assured supply
Farm assured supply

“Supply chain due diligence... ...taken care of... Food for Life supply chain... ...sorted!”

Farm assured supply
Farm assured supply

Managed accreditations

e-foods works closely with industry-leading food safety specialists STS and has an alert system in place that informs the company if a supplier fails to renew or pass an audit at their current level. In addition, supplier accreditation information is logged onto e-foods’ CRM system. This is monitored by the Technical Support Team that requests renewal information from suppliers prior to certification expiration.

Quality Assurance - Rob Henry

Health and safety is critical and we have a dedicated resource in Rob Henry, e-foods' Quality Assurance & Technical Manager. Rob is certificated to HABC in Supervising Food Safety in Catering, Food Allergen Management for Caterers and Effective Auditing & Inspection Skills. Rob is experienced in working with suppliers to meet standards and help clients' existing unaccredited suppliers achieve audit standards.

“Local, regional & national supply, managed, monitored and fully accredited.”

Managing your supply chain for maximum efficiency is central to the e-foods purchasing solution. Cutting out supplier administration is just one of the significant benefits. 

As a paperless purchasing solution, e-foods’ system is designed to help businesses of all shapes and sizes, across any industry sector, to modernise their financial admin, reduce overheads, control spending levels and buy more competitively from their chosen suppliers.

"With around 240 sites, we were the first large care home group to achieve the Food for Life Bronze catering award. 

Our commitment to the standard has been made easier with e-foods’ management of our supply chain, giving us full product traceability from accredited sources” 

HC-One Care Homes

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