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Substantial Saving

Substantial Saving

e-foods supplies fresh produce, meat and dairy to SLG Hotels. e-foods was able to offer a significant ongoing saving across each of the supplied product categories.

“The only way we can support our local suppliers without inccuring greater administration costs is through our on-going partnership with e-foods.”

Brian Pitman
Purchasing Manager, SLG Hotels
- Coast & Country Hotels & Bay Hotels.

Substantial Saving

SLG Hotels is one of the foremost UK holiday companies and provides 1 million passenger holidays per year. As one of the UK's prominent hotel operators, SLG Hotels own and operate 45 hotels that are known under their two main brands; Bay Hotels and Coast and Country Hotels. The group has industry leading occupancy rates that are as high as 90%.

“...benefitting from efoods' systems that consolidates invoicing and will now process around 20,000 fewer invoices a year...”

20,000 fewer invoices
e-foods' distinctive purchasing support includes e-live, e-foods' online system that allows sites to place one order with many suppliers, saving time and reducing administration costs. SLG Hotels has already benefitted from e-foods' systems that consolidates invoicing and will now process around 20,000 fewer invoices a year.

Local supply, nationally
Although operating nationally, SLG Hotels places a strong emphasis on using local supply routes to ensure that local, seasonal, high quality produce is being used in its kitchens. e-foods manages and has provided a fully accredited local supply chain that not only supports the local economy but is also reliable, robust and flexible. Using one single supply route for all products means that if something goes wrong the whole delivery can be affected and, with such high occupancy rates, failure to supply can be devastating. With e-foods' supply chain there is always a backup, reducing the risk and providing supply assurance.

Win, Win
Bryan Pitman, SLG Hotels' Purchasing Manager said “We are now processing 20,000 fewer invoices a year across all of our 49 sites due to one consolidated payment to e-foods, which pays to all of our local suppliers.

The reduction in administration and the savings in ordering, invoicing and delivery systems strongly influenced our decision to work with e-foods.

Their partnerships with local suppliers has allowed us to put in place national coverage, that supports the local economy, plus ensuring a quality service is maintained and, where needed a same day back up provided.

All in all everyone benefits, SLG Hotels, the supplier and ultimately our guests.