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Matchless Success

Matchless Success

e-foods began its association with HC-One by first supplying fresh produce and then meat to all sites for 25,000 meals a day through a managed network of local suppliers.

“e-foods has raised the bar with the support they have provided for us. The tasting events have helped us explore the quality and cost options across our purchasing and have given us a much better understanding of how we can improve the food experience for our residents.

A single price-file across our 240 Homes has made managing food cost simple and we’ve seen a substantial saving across all food products - meat, fresh, dairy and dried and frozen.

The level of detail e-foods has gone into has illuminated some of the true costs of our purchases, allowing us to reduce spend, yet maintain or, in some cases, improve the quality of the food we buy.

Because of locked down approved buying lists we're now confident that Homes are using products that meet specification for price, quality and traceability, essential to meet our commitment to the Food for Life standard.”

Tracy Sutherland
Head of Hospitality, HC-One Care Homes.

Matchless Success

e-foods went on to supply all food and now supports HC-One’s 240 sites, including 40 sites of between 75 and 150 beds, with local suppliers and nationally from Bidvest Foodservice. e-foods has facilitated:

“We've seen a substantial saving across all food products...”

Change Management - Successful migration from incumbent supplier Brakes to Bidvest Foodservice.

Cost Control - Consolidating supply has empowered the purchasing team with management information to make informed choices.

Menu Development - Supplier introductions for texture modified and high nutrition meals and organisation of Chefs' Food Forums to develop menu ideas and nutrition.

Cost Reduction - Development days for blind tasting of equivalent quality, lower cost food products.

Yield Comparison - A yield comparison event for true cost procurement saved 4p per 100g portion on minced meat products

Administraton efficiency - Time and cost to administer invoices and payments has dramatically reduced through consolidated supply

Due diligence - e-foods monitors all supplier accredetitions and product traceability

Food for Life - e-foods work and guidance on local supply chain management, provenance and product sourcing has assited HC-One to become the first national care home group to achieve the Food for Life Bronze Award. e-foods' work was nominated for an award in the Supply Chain Excellence category in the 2015 national FPC Fresh Produce awards.