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14% saving achieved for a Hotel Group

14% saving achieved for a Hotel Group

How much could you save?

2%, 7%, 14%, 40% e-foods has seen it all. How much we can save for you depends on a range of factors, but it is very rare for there to be no worthwhile savings.

Where do these savings come from? 

Buying power.

Currently e-foods controls over £60 million of purchasing. This brings considerable leverage when negotiating prices with suppliers and also gives suppliers an attractive opportunity to access more business through e-foods.

Supply review.

Benchmarking of your current pricing against the market generally yields an opportunity to make savings. Suppliers rarely reduce prices unprompted but if market conditions move prices down, price benchmarking will highlight the potential savings available from renegotiation or supplier change.

Best value procurement.

The price you pay for goods is just one part of the true cost. e-foods will exam every aspect of food cost:

  • Ready made vs raw ingredients vs pre-prepped ingredients
  • Pack sizes vs pack splits
  • Yield
  • Product range rationalisation
  • Branded vs unbranded products
  • Best buys, offers and promotions

“These are just a few of the areas e-foods evaluates, manages and monitors to find savings on your behalf.”

Howard Ball - Purchasing Director
14% saving achieved for a Hotel Group

“e-foods provides a benchmarking service for all potential clients ”

Direct to manufacturer deals.

Shortening the supply chain is always effective at improving prices and e-foods has a host of deals on core lines such a bacon, butter, tea, coffee, etc that can provide significant savings.

Price is everything, right?

Of course not, the value suppliers add with the service they wrap around supply has a worth but it still needs to make sense in the market for you to be competitive and work to margins that stack up.  

Benchmarking service

Above are just some of the activities that drive initial savings and support on-going savings – e-foods provides a benchmarking service for all potential clients – why not take advantage of this to see how much you could save? Just click the link at the foot of the page to book yours!