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How? By removing complexity
& making it simpler to do business.

By creating your ideal, centrally controlled, supply chain.

You benefit from robust, safe supply at every location brought to you by committed suppliers and managed as easily as if you had a single supplier.

By simplifying & reducing admin.

You benefit from a huge reduction in time spent on administering purchasing and pay all your suppliers with just a single payment to e-foods.

By cutting spending without compromising quality.

You benefit from stable pricing and ongoing activity that drives best value into every aspect of your purchasing spend.

By increasing oversight & control.

You benefit from live data to inform pro-active management, the elimination of financial surprises and the ability to control spending.

By centralising menu management.

You benefit from live visibility of margins and costs and a centralised resource to manage menus across your sites.

All made simple with intelligent, easy to use online systems.

You benefit from free to use systems that can be tailored to suit each type of user and are fully supported by e-foods.