Centralised purchasing is changing the landscape of the hospitality and catering sectors

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The e-foods story

Paul Mizen, Managing Director

Paul Mizen, Managing Director

A new approach

e-foods was founded in Manchester by Managing Director Paul Mizen in 2004. Paul knew that, in common with many industries, e-commerce was changing the landscape of the hospitality and catering sectors.

There were already consortia and buying groups giving businesses access to a wide range of products and pricing structures, however translating this into an online solution required a new approach.

A rare and delightful contradiction

There are many advantages to the e-foods’ purchasing and procurement solution but there are two headline elements,  elimination of the challenge of administering multiple suppliers and better buying prices at an equivalent or higher quality. Hence the “rare and delightful contradiction” e-foods will dramatically increase your administration efficiency and reduce your cost of purchase.

Since its inception e-foods has continually increased the spread of purchasing categories and is now capable of tailoring a solution package to meet the everyday purchasing needs of all sizes and types of businesses across the hospitality and catering sector.

e-foods offices

e-foods offices

Scalable and agile

Whether you spend a thousand or a million pounds a month, the e-foods solution is scalable and agile. Today, e-foods services pubs, hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, local authorities and contract caterers on a single site, multi-site, or nationwide basis. Indeed any business with a hospitality or catering function can benefit from an e-foods solution. Our strong profile with banking and other commercial businesses is a great indicator that our financial performance adds up!

e-foods future growth depends on a continually improving offer that, in turn, helps you achieve new levels of performance. This dynamic drive is part of the ethos that has shaped e-foods into one of the fastest growing companies in online purchasing and procurement.


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